Christmas baskets!

Today I got to make Christmas ‘thank you/happy holiday/etc’ baskets for the hospital staff from the pediatricians that work here. This may arguably the best part of me getting to be the pediatric department chair. period. (You know, you just have to appreciate the small things!) There are only four of us, so we collected a little bit of money and I got as much as I could to show our appreciation.

Here’s the haul from Joeten supermarket/store. IMG_5470IMG_5472(There is some stuff that I added from my personal stash too). I got little wicker baskets, sticky notes, pens, lotion, highlighters (those four are nursing essentials here in Saipan!), shortbread, trail mix stuff, life savers, candy canes, and probably the most instant coffee mixer sticks I have ever seen at once (for all those long hours, and the cold air con!)

IMG_5473Here’s the trail mix containers assembled (don’t worry, it’s not all healthy .. you just can’t see the copious amounts of chocolate chips I put in there). On the top, I wrote a little message saying it was from the pediatricians.

IMG_5476These are the completed baskets .. which I meant to wrap in cellophane like those professional looking gift baskets. Unfortunately, I didn’t buy enough to completely wrap all 5 of the baskets. I made baskets for each of our clinical areas — pediatric ward staff, NICU/nursery staff, pediatric clinic staff… and then made two more for some support staff that don’t get as much appreciation as they deserve (respiratory therapists.. there’s only 3 of them covering the whole hospital!, and phone operators .. only 2 of them answering and paging and connecting us 24 hours a day, seven days a week… and they always are still so nice on the phone with an occasional “happy holidays, doc!”).

IMG_5477As you can see, I ended up just wrapping the trail mix containers. I don’t think it necessarily is super professional looking – but hey, it’s Saipan! I’m making do! I’m super excited to deliver these to everyone this afternoon. It’s so nice to be able to give something physically to show my appreciation — they make my job so enjoyable and so much easier!

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