Merry Christmas!

You’ve seen pictures of my Christmas fun thus far and now it’s Christmas! It’s still about 89 degrees outside and bright and sunny (although this morning when I woke up it was cloudy and rainy). It’s hard to believe it’s Christmas but I’m working today and everywhere I go, it’s “Merry Christmas!”

On Christmas Eve, I had a busy day of work but it was punctuated by Christmas children’s choir that performed in the waiting room of the clinic.

IMG_5772 IMG_5773 IMG_5774

After that, I went directly to CrossFit for a Christmas workout with a great group. It was awesome (and muscle soreness inducing)! We all then quickly scattered to get ready for Christmas Eve festivities but I do distinctly remember thinking during one of my pushups/situps/etcs … It’s pretty awesome that people here are celebrating the Christmas season and just having this general feeling of how Saipan is full of people who are really trying hard to do good work and help the community and I’m lucky to be around people like that — even if it means things like rigging up solutions or work-arounds at the hospital. I don’t know why that thought popped into my head, but.. it did.

I ate some yummy pan fried dumplings from one of the best dumpling places I have ever been to (not just on Saipan, everywhere!) and got the ridiculous sweat off me in time to make it to Christmas Eve service.  IMG_5786
I thought the same thing again during the Christmas choir singing.. Just a motley group of people all joined together to sing some Christmas songs and enjoy that together.



IMG_5785There aren’t that many people in the pews (well, maybe this picture makes it look worse than it actually was).. but it still was an opportunity for the choir members to sing Christmas carols. The same thing I thought when I walked through the hospital halls this morning — we’re a motley crew of people who really enjoy their work and find ways to enjoy despite circumstances (i.e. our crazy Christmas work/dance party) and yet it’s awesome the care we are able to provide for these islands.

Merry Christmas to everyone! Joy to the World!

IMG_5552P.S. Thankful for online radio to get every possible squeezed in moment out of Christmas music! We definitely have the radio on at work and are singing to all the songs!

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