Post #200

WordPress keeps track of the number of posts that you put up and this one is number 200. You may remember my post from 100 back in November. Since then, there have been lots of different and wonderful memories and activities that have been added to my life and it’s such a blessing to look back at them.

Just off the top of my head.. since November..

– I started doing CrossFit at GetFitCNMI, a local gym here in Saipan.. and am definitely now in the best shape that I think I have ever been in in my life

– I celebrated Christmas on the beach, in scrubs, while on call

IMG_5552– I danced a number to a Grease medley with the wonderful pediatrics and psychiatry nurses and we won the championship at the hospital’s Christmas party

– I celebrated a cousin’s wedding and got together with family in Taiwan (and got there on a Hello Kitty plane)

– I froze in South Korea on a whirlwind tour of Seoul during a layover

– I went to Cambodia for two weeks, had life-changing moments, and met a group of amazing people and local Cambodian medical students

IMG_7077– Then.. March rolled in and I ran and ran and ran and ran .. marathon, XTERRA, Tagaman, and also swam. I amassed quite the collection of finisher medals! (and T-shirts)

– I walked to the top of the island on Good Friday morning and watched the sun rise over Saipan

IMG_9135– I swam again.. from Managaha Island to Saipan and fed some fishes along the way

– I watched a ton of sunsets.. I’ll spare you and only put one picture of a sunset shot here..

IMG_9734– I guess I should mention I did work at the hospital too :)

I remember when I first came, people warned me about “island fever” and I wasn’t exactly coming here with the thought of vacationing on a beautiful island so I didn’t really know what to expect.

I started this blog for a few reasons .. some intangible and some as tangible as it being a way for me to learn/teach myself to write more proficiently. While I didn’t exactly realize it at the time, the way I named the blog “gratitude actually” has also made an impact on me. Not only do I carry my camera around everywhere, but I also have my eyes open all the time to the little things that make me grateful. What a difference that has made! Now that things are starting to wind down here, I am finding that what I want to do is thank people. I want to thank people for the impact they made on me — and how that has been paid forward to other people around me. I hope that you remember to express thanks and love and gratitude to those around you all the time — don’t wait for the holiday or birthday or whatever — make it a part of your life. I’m still working on this, but writing on this blog helps remind me about that and allows me to share publicly the little things I’m thankful for.

gratitudeSo, in light of that.. despite the fact that I will be moving off Saipan, I am hoping to continue updating this blog even while in San Francisco. Hopefully I will be able to with as much consistency as I have here, but.. who knows especially with a busier work schedule.

Here’s to having enough and making the most of everything! :)

(and on a lighter note, speaking of giving 100% and making the most of everything .. haha… this is hilarious)

one hundred


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1 Response to Post #200

  1. Hey Tiffany!

    This is Alex (who messaged you about moving to Saipan). I love this post! It’s really interesting to see your time condensed and all of these highlights of the past few months. You have been super busy.

    I love the sunset pictures. Bring them on :)

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