First few days

I’ve started my first few days of fellowship — last week kind of didn’t count because it was mostly orientation-like events and learning. While I am learning a TON every day, a lot of it is logistical in nature in addition to of course, learning a lot about my new field.

My days have been packed definitely! I am getting used to having a constant beeping around again (my pager on my hip all the time, my cell phone in my pocket). I have found that I lost that natural instinct to check my pager with any beeps — I have definitely looked around at other people when there is the beeping noise, wondering why they aren’t answering.. that’s why I’ve made my pager beep very loud and very annoying and continuous — especially important in the middle of the night.

There have already been ups and downs.. which seem like status quo for a person getting more training in pediatric hematology/oncology (kids blood and cancer disorders).

Here’s one ‘up’ though. I’ve actually seen this in multiple places both in the adult cancer and pediatric cancer settings.

onco bellWhen someone finishes their therapy, or finished their hospitalization for a bone marrow transplant, they get to ring this bell. It’s hung in the hallway for all to see and it is such a wonderful few moments when you get to see the child reach up for the rope and swing it. You wonder how long they’ve dreamed about running down the hallway and doing that.

Just wanted to still share a little bit about what’s going on with me. I know now I won’t be able to update this blog very often but for those that follow this occasionally, please keep in touch with me!

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