El Día de Gracias

Recently, I’ve been doing a little more of my Spanish speaking .. and talking more about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Hence the title of the blog.

I’ve been a little bit busy to say the least so sorry for the lack of posts. On my walk home today though, thinking over my day, I felt compelled to post. As I speak with my patients — many of whom have been in the hospital for more than a month — and we talk about goals and plans, the upcoming holidays become benchmarks. We talk about getting out of the hospital before Thanksgiving, getting off feeding through the IV line before Christmas, having a recovered immune system enough to be able to see your siblings before New Years.

And so.. with Thanksgiving around the corner and this blog started with the idea that it would help me work on cultivating my own sense of gratitude. Here are some things I’m thankful for.


– Family a phone call away and friends that are practically like family close by

– The little things that only working at my kind of job make you think about .. being alive, being without pain, being able to see, to hear, to walk. No need to elaborate on this one.

– Options for what to do with my life despite my absolute all out internal war as to what to do.

– Encouraging quotes and bible verses to remind me that other people don’t think life is a walk in the park either. It’s just the back and forth between ‘expand your horizons/be courageous/follow your heart’ versus ‘stay dedicated/the right way isn’t always easy’

– Being able to speak multiple languages — including medical jargon. I am so thankful that I get to be a translator to friends and family (and strangers and patients) between the crazy medical world that is bombarding them for whatever reason.

– Social media — which helps me feel like I know what my friends are doing and lets me live vicariously through them.

– Half off packages of oreos and milk.. and having the self-discipline to only eat half sleeves of oreo at a time since I don’t have the time to exercise.

– Mugs of warm stuff that I can curl up with.. and despite the lack of sun, weather that encourages white mugs with steamy liquid (coffee/tea/hot water/cider.. anything is good!)

– Views of the sunset from my apartment — even if I never get to see them. The idea that I could be on my little outdoors area and look out and know that if it were brighter, I could see the ocean.

– One billion pictures I took last year of the sunset in Saipan from last year to tide me over.

Okay.. well that’s all I can think of right this second and that pop in my mind today. Time for a little bit of work, some oreos and milk, and sleep before my pager goes off!

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1 Response to El Día de Gracias

  1. Bronwen says:

    We have followed you since the beginning of your blog and want to thank you for being the wonderful young woman you are. We have lived all over the world including China and Africa and have seen a lot. We are not religious, but sincerely appreciate your views. You are inspiring. Please know and remember this especially when you get tired.

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