Sunset Meeting and DFS Run

Yesterday evening, I met up with a friend who is a physical therapist to discuss the beginnings of what I think will be a really exciting project on hemophilia and bleeding disorder awareness. There are certainly a number of things to be worked out but it is a start! And it was so good to connect with someone who is like-minded about some of these things.

We met at a local beachfront restaurant and sat outside for an easy dinner. I’m glad she didn’t mind that I had to play tourist a bit and take a few pictures of sunset. She agreed it was always good to get away a bit so you remember how beautiful Saipan truly is.

photo 1(1) photo 2(1) photo 3(1) photo 4 photo 5It was really nice to have a set aside time to enjoy Saipan but also refocus some of the goals of being out here in combining my hematology/oncology training with my time here. It is also very nice to have a partner in this as it is a big undertaking! I’ll be excited to report on what we can accomplish.

Today, I went to my first race now that I’m back in Saipan – a 7 kilometer run sponsored by Duty Free Store (DFS), the big “mall” on island that houses all the high end stores (Tiffany, Gucci, Coach, etc). It was concurrent with a 3K run and an ~20K flat road bike ride. There were a few walkers and plenty of bikers. It was to raise money for earthquake relief in Haiti so I purchase two raffle tickets for $5 each. I had to work today but the 6 AM start time fit right into the schedule (and also ensured it would be relatively cool).

After a quick warm-up I was already sweating but figured it was just my body getting used to the humidity here again. It was a very fun run though for me because I just got to get back into my stride. It was also not a super long run so none of it felt boring or cumbersome. I did walk twice during the run to rest and drink some water which probably slowed my overall time but made for an enjoyable overall run.

Because of work, I had to run off and did not wait for the raffles to be pulled. When we finished, we all got two little goodies.

photo 2Here’s a little bag with inner lining that I think I actually might use as a perfect size lunch bag.

photo 1

.. and a random gold luggage tag that I’m sure will make it onto one of my luggages.

I didn’t find out until later in the day when I saw my friends who picked up my raffle winning.. but I also won this watch!

photo 3Apparently, it’s quite a pricey watch. For me, the benefit is that it has a second hand and although I don’t usually like anything on my wrist, I potentially will wear it at work and on transports because sometimes I need to be able to time things efficiently.

Quite the last two days!

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3 Responses to Sunset Meeting and DFS Run

  1. angie says:

    Aiiiiii ur pictures are always so nice! Haha would love to hear more about the project as u guys get going on it :P miss u!

  2. babar991 says:

    your pics are UNREAL. amazing sunsets.

  3. jay says:

    What happened to your other watch with the GPS tracking?

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