Sunset progression

Thanks for the birthday wishes all. I’ve been a bit busier this week as there may be another patient transport in the works, and now that my first month here is up I will be moving to a new apartment.

I got a few comments about the sunset picture I put up and while I totally acknowledge that it is unreal, it is also very real! I’m not saying the sunsets are like that every day but there are definitely days where it truly is unique and gorgeous. I love how you can’t really predict what you’re going to see.

I knew I wanted to watch sunset so I timed a quick run along beach road with sunset and then cooled down afterwards on a bench. Here are my pictures!

photo 4(1)Sun setting

photo 3(1)Finally peeking out from the clouds as it hits the horizon.

photo 2(1)photo 1(1)

So, satisfied, I packed up.. only to see the sky turning a bit pink as I was driving away so I pulled over and got to see this:

photo 4

photo 2photo 3 and then..

photo 1

photo 5I am a bit of a Saipan sunset addict so just wanted to share these pictures with you so you could experience it too!


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2 Responses to Sunset progression

  1. jay says:

    No green flash? Instead of your camera facing the setting sun, try taking pictures of scenery with the lighting of the sunset. The lighting around that time makes for amazing pictures.

    • No green flash today.. thanks for the tips! Sometimes am just trying to capture the actual sun setting but I agree, turning around and taking pics of Saipan always look so good at those times.

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