Made in the USA

Whenever I do laundry, I am on the lookout for Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands — let me explain… unlike in Saipan where you pretty much have to be exceedingly lucky or not afraid of rats to do your laundry at home, I have to use coins to do my laundry. Fortunately, when I first moved, my mom exchanged copious amounts of money for quarters which has literally been a life saver. (PS You do your laundry with coins in Saipan too actually.. at least most people do, except lazy people like me who took full advantage of the wash/dry/fold drop off laundry services)

Anyway! That’s all the say that I am always looking for CNMI quarters (see one here). Literally, every single quarter I put in I flip over to make sure it’s not accidentally a CNMI quarter I am sacrificing to the clean clothes god.

And then this… as I was separating out my clothes that needs to be hung dry I find THIS! … On a pair of pants that I have had from The Limited.


Sorry, for some reason cannot figure out how to turn it but if you can’t see… it says “MADE IN THE USA (NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS) OF IMPORTED MATERIAL”

So that satisfied my treasure hunt for the day while doing my laundry. So interesting to think I probably know exactly which one of a few buildings it was made in (unless the building was demolished)! And also glad that there are no more purported ‘sweat shops’ in Saipan although I’m sure there are just as many all over the world still that are not treating people right.

In other news, I made another run to Nimitz Trail and caught these two shots.





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