Back in the Clinic

Hafa Adai! It really is like riding a bike — I feel like I’m exactly back where I was and not much has changed in the interim — although that’s not true at all! It’s been about 13 months since my last trip to Saipan. I came back last in early December 2016 and saw patients, did a provider education session and a tiny bit of sightseeing. I had promised I would come back once a year to see the patients with subspecialty hematology and oncology needs so I’m back again!

I had an overnight stay at Narita on the way over and took a quick walk over to the famous Narita temple for a night picture and to walk off the ramen I just ate. IMG_8082

Then, back to the airport for the quick trip on Delta to Saipan. It’s always been a treat to come during the daytime to Saipan because most of the flights come in at night. We had horrible wing seats but were able to catch a glimpse of Saipan as we approached. It was a typical blue sky over the blue waters with fluffy clouds scattered about.

Upon arrival, I got the car and decided to take a quick detour to Ladder Beach since it is right by the airport. The sun was bright in the sky so it made for slightly harsh light for pictures, but my camera will be on overdrive this week for sure regardless of the lighting conditions. I have to savor each moment!IMG_8086

I settled into the apartment that I am staying at thanks to the generosity of friends and run off because I knew I had to catch sunset. My goal is to watch the sunset every day that I am here! I almost did that when I  was living here so this week here will be no exception. I grabbed some takeout Thai food from Wild Bill’s and set myself up on the beach at Pau Pau. Pau Pau was the very first beach I went to when I arrived Saipan so it seemed fitting to go there.

IMG_809301C5550B-E89F-4FEF-BE9C-885D24ECD557 (1)

Those sun rays though! It’s interesting how after watching so many sunsets I can slightly predict how they will go and appear but — there are always things that surprise me. I love how beautifully the colors end up being painted across the sky and how it’s different every time.

This morning, I am at the hospital for a full days’ worth of patients. I scheduled them all in advance in order to see these people all in one go. Some fly over from a neighboring island (Tinian) to see me so it takes a lot of coordination. Fortunately so far, things have run quite smoothly. I sat right back at my desk in the clinic room I used to use, set up my stuff, logged in, and was ready to go! I even had my old ID badge that I resurrected to be able to wear here. IMG_8112

Just wanted to record this since I’m back in Saipan — short and not a really exciting post, but so exciting to be back for me! The rest of this week will be almost all play and it will be good to log off a bit but will update with pictures and a summary of what you can get accomplished and see with 4-ish days in Saipan!



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2 Responses to Back in the Clinic

  1. Nathan says:

    It always makes me feel good to read your blog, you’re so positive and uplifting. I ended up moving to the island of Kaua’i in Hawai’i when my travel plans were cancelled by Soudelor, then a friend who lives on this island offered me a free trip with free room and board because he really wanted me to move here. I still really want to visit Saipan, my years of research, reading the paper and comments, and this blog have given it a special place in my heart. I hope you had a Merry Christmas and have a Happy new year! I look forward to an update and I hope you’re doing well!

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